Join us!

As a young and growing lab we are actively looking for people to join us at every level. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our research, or have questions about the positions advertised below.

We have an open postdoc fellowship! Application deadline 9 July. Come join us to work on important questions related to the replication of positive-sense RNA viruses. The core of the project will be biochemistry and cryo-EM of proteins involved in flavivirus replication. It will be conducted within a collaborative network of four research groups, and the postdoc will be able to interface with these groups and incorporate elements of cell biology, advanced fluorescence microscopy, cellular cryo-electron tomography and  and BSL3 virology into their project. We are particularly keen to recruit someone with a solid biochemistry training (membrane proteins a big plus), and ideally a good grasp of structural biology. Training in cryo-EM and cell biology/virology is amongst the things we can easily offer. Any enthusiastic and creative person who feels compelled shouldn’t hesitate to apply with their best argument for why they are the right person for the job!

Ambitious postdoc candidates with an interest in e.g. cryo-EM, high-end fluorescence microscopy, virus replication or membrane dynamics are always welcome to contact us, whether we have a specific project announced or not.

We also often have open projects for MSc theses (ideally one semester/30 ECTS) and undergraduate research projects.